Tutorials & Examples

Tutorial Notebooks

This tutorial on using Dedalus consists of four short IPython notebooks, which can be downloaded and ran interactively, or viewed on-line through the links below.

These notebooks cover the basics of setting up and interacting with the primary facets of the code, culminating in the setup and simulation of the 1D KdV-Burgers equation.

Example Scripts

A range of examples are available under the examples subdirectory of the main code repository, and several of these can be previewed below. These example scripts can be copied to any working directory with the command python3 -m dedalus get_examples. They cover a wide range of use cases but are generally designed to run with limited resources on a laptop or PC. Basic post-processing and plotting scripts are also provided with many problems. These simulation and processing scripts may be useful as a starting point for implementing different problems and equation sets, or for scaling up for larger simulations in HPC environments.

Cartesian examples

Curvilinear examples