Install notes for Compute Canada’s clusters


The following instructions have been provided by Maxime Boissonneault, staff at Compute Canada. Last updated 2021-01-11.


Compute Canada already pre-builds Dedalus on demand. You can contact in order to request a new version. In your home:

module purge
module load StdEnv/2020 fftw-mpi mpi4py hdf5-mpi/1.12 python

Now build and activate the virtual environment for your installation. You should also update pip as soon as the environment is activated:

virtualenv --no-download python_env
source python_env/bin/activate
pip install --no-index --upgrade pip

Now install dedalus:

pip install --no-index dedalus

Compute Canada recommends creating your virtual environment and loading your modules in your job scripts. For more information about doing so, please see