Configuring Dedalus

Various aspects of the underlying numerics, logging behavior, and output behavior of Dedalus can be modified through a configuration interface using Python’s standard-library ConfigParser structure.

A dedalus.cfg file with the default configuration and descriptions of each option is included in the package. This file can be copied to any working directory with the command python3 -m dedalus get_config. The configuration settings can be modified by, in order of increasing precedence:

  1. Modifying the package’s dedalus.cfg file (not recommended).

  2. Creating a user-based config file at ~/.dedalus/dedalus.cfg.

  3. Creating a local config file called dedalus.cfg in the directory where you execute a Dedalus script.

  4. Modifying configuration values at the top of a Dedalus script like:

from import config
config['logging']['stdout_level'] = 'debug'